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Pest Control

ALL services are performed by State Licensed Technicians.  All technicians have met or exceeded State and Company testing standards to perform pest control services in The Great State of Texas.     

Knowing what pest issues, you and your family are facing and where you see or experience the most activity will assist in determining the proper treatment plan for you and your family!

We offer a variety of Residential Services

Service List


Inspections are a very important part of Pest and Wildlife management.  Performing an inspection allows us to determine which type of pest you may be having an issue with.  An inspection also allows us to determine how pest and wildlife are getting into your home

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Our General Pest Control and Mosquito Reduction Plan is often referred to as The Big E's Special Treatment Plan.  We offer this Plan as a Seasonal Plan or 12-Month Plan.
Our Seasonal Plan Customers receive Service from March until November.
Our 12-Month Plan Customers receive Service every month!   

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Our General Pest Control services are offered on a Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or Annually/1-Time Services frequencies.  

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We offer our Mosquito Reduction Service year-round.  When the temperature is over 50°F, we recommend having a Mosquito Service completed.  Mosquito Services are offer on a Monthly Service Frequency.  
We utilize the In2Care Mosquito System!


Rats, Mice, Snake... Texas has plenty of these and other types of wildlife.  We offer Trapping and Exclusion Services for Wildlife Management around your home.  

Big E's Pest & WildLife Management-The Colony Pest Control-

We offer Exclusion Services to seal up entry points being used by pests and wildlife to enter your home!  This is a very important process, especially when dealing with wildlife gain entry to your home!  An Inspection is the first step in the Exclusion process.

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Our Tenant Move-Out Service is a Service aimed at Tenants that are required to have a Pest/Flea treatment done per the Lease from their Landlord.  We will inspect for Flea activity and perform a General Pest Control Treatment.  

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