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Snake Repellents & Mothballs

Mothballs are not designed to repel or intended to prevent rats, snakes, or other wildlife for entering your home, or entering your outdoor property!

Read the Enoz Old Fashioned Moth Ball Label


Are the claims of mothballs and snake repellents true?  Do mothballs really deter rats and mice?  Will snakes avoid mothballs?

Check out the YouTube videos below of real people testing these methods!

Ensure you read the label before applying or using any Pesticides or Insecticides.  The label will tell you what the active and inactive ingredients are, how much of the product to apply, where to apply the product, what pests or wildlife the products is intended/targeted to be used for, precautions when using, and more!  Misusage of any pesticide or insecticide is against Federal Law.  Ensure you always read the label!

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