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General Pest Management Treatment Options

****  Pet and People Friendly!  ****

General Pest Control Treatment Services consist of a complete interior (when requested) and exterior service.  An interior treatment consists of all accessible baseboards being treated with an odorless, stainless, low pressure mist spray.  The exterior treatment consists of a full property inspection for active infestations, identifying safety concerns on the property as well as popular breeding and nesting sites for a variety of pests.  After the inspection, the technician will begin the treatment.  We remove all cobwebs, wasp nests, and mud dauber nests from the eaves, window areas, and exterior walls of the home (up to 20 feet high).    The technician will then provide yard granulation treatment, targeting pests that may be nesting or traveling through your yard area (Vegetables, herb, and fruit areas are avoided).  Then the technician will provide a great 1–3-foot barrier treatment around your home's foundation.  After this, a dust application will be applied (as needed) to your homes weep holes (if applicable) or to any cracks in the foundation or exterior walls.  Following treatment, the technician will go over the treatment performed and inform you of any problems that were found and what steps were taken to correct the issue and if any additional steps need to be taken to further rectify the problem from reoccurring.  Following this, the technician will fill out the work order and invoice for the service, collect payment, and email a copy of both work order and invoice with you.  

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