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About Big E's

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About Big E's

Big E's is a Veteran Owned Pest and Wild Life Management company.  The company is founded on Honesty, Fairness, and Family Values. We firmly believe in Treating Your Home Like Ours. 



About the Owner :

Howard has been doing pest control for bigger companies since 2015.  As with any job he took, he dove head in and really enjoyed what he was doing.  One thing he noticed was that most customers were unhappy with service, but really took to his honesty and passion he had for what he was able to do.  He tried to find a company that cared about the guys in the field and that paid a fair wage for his dedication and his passion.  3 major companies, and nothing seemed to change.  This is when Howard decided to look into opening his own company.  His "HIGH" prices are just the true, Premium service prices for a job to be completed the proper way.  

Our Core Values

ETHICS-     We will ALWAYS do the right thing.  Whether someone is watching or not, we will always perform as if we are being filmed and all eyes are on us.  Also, we will perform our services with-in the legal scope; legally, both state and federal, and morally.

HONESTY-     We pride ourselves on our honesty.  There is no shame in not knowing an answer, but there is shame in acting like you know the answer.  Our sales tactics are also based on honesty.  We will not be dishonest about our services just to secure a sale.

EDUCATION-     Education is an important tool in our arsenal of treatment tactics.  Education for our techs helps them to better understand product usage around your home, proper application methods as this is a changing industry.  Customer education is also very important in the control of pest activity in and around your home.  Please follow your techs advice, this is what they do for a living

RESPONSIBILITY-     We have a responsibility to your city, this state, this country and this world.  We strive to be the best in the industry, we take responsibility for our actions day in and day out.

PASSION-     Everyone here at Big E's Pest Control is passionate about our job and our family, professional and personal.  The only way to be the best is to be passionate about what we do.

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Texas Department Of Agriculture

All employees of Big E's Pest & WildLife Management are licensed by the State Of Texas Department of Agriculture.  


We are proud members of:

IPCS-International Pest Control Society-
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