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What's the Price for Service?!?!

We are told frequently that our pricing is:

  1. Too high, and the current provider offers service for $50-$100.

  2. Too high, other providers have given quotes for service between $50-$120.

  3. Too high, we can do it ourselves for cheaper.

  4. Too high, we will find someone else that is cheaper.

We always honor the potential customer’s opinion and choice to go with another provider. At times, the potential customer may engage and ask us why our pricing is so high. We happily explain that depending on the size of the property to be treated and what it is treated for:

  • Product cost can range from around $47.29-$182.82+.

  • Our Admin. fee is $62.11, which helps keep the business running.

  • Our Service/Labor fee is $60.00+, we feel that our techs should be compensated well… this is a labor-intensive job, with exposure to the weather, as well as other dangers associated with driving and daily work activities dealing with pests and wildlife.

This means our service prices can range between $156.19-$304.93+. This may not be the "normal pricing" for Pest Control Treatments. We accept this. The one thing we know is that the more customers, means more things can be ordered in bulk, and in turn can potentially lower the pricing. From working for other companies, we know how most other companies train, perform service, and price services. We know they run 16-20+ services per tech, per day. 20-30 minutes per “stop”, 30–60-minute lunch… maybe. Free Reservice/Call Backs! Salespeople/Doorknockers. Contract/Service Agreement. General Pest-Quarterly Services is all that is discussed. Rat and Mice coverage is included at no additional charge!?!? Did I mention that most of the other companies offer a free treatment if you see any pests? All that for $69.00-$120.00+tax/quarter. If you’re signing up with a company at the door, I bet the person selling the service has mentioned (if you have stated your happy with your current provider) that your current provider is missing things; they are probably doing a couple of your neighbors that’s down the street, later today or tomorrow! There have been companies that have offered my parents free service to switch providers. My dad’s favorite is when they tell him that his current provider is not treating properly. He will ask them what they have found that has been missed. Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Mosquitoes… you name it, and they say he’s got it… at times he will ask them to show him where these issues are so he can point them out to his son that provides the service. I’ve had other customers' state

the same. I see posts on Facebook and Nextdoor about how some are very aggressive and pushy in their sales tactics.

We have been open for 3 years; 2022, started our 4th year. Every year, we as a company, discuss all prior year's numbers. Our 1st year, I knew we were going to take a loss... we were underpricing ALL services. Our 2nd year, we started to price match to the "Big Guys". Year 3, we got slammed with new services for The Big E's Special Treatment Plan. During the end of year #3 (2021) and the beginning of year #4 (2022), we started to check pricing of product as everything was starting to raise in cost. It

was during this time, that we realized, there was no way we can compete with “The Big Guys” unless we compromised the way we perform our services and treatments. We have decided that we are not here to provide the Cheapest Service or Treatment, we are here to provide the BEST, Most Effective Services and Treatments.

So, why this “Crazy High Pricing”?

Here we will breakdown the pricing for our General Pest Treatment Service.

All of these products listed below can be found here:

The cost of all chemicals/products used adds up to $210.15+tax and potentially shipping if doing the treatment, yourself. You will need equipment to apply these products as well. See the equipment here: