Specialty Treatment Services

Specialty Treatments are services offered for a specific pest.  These treatments are very in-depth, with  major focus on the pest that is infesting your property.  Each service comes with specific Pre and Post treatment instructions, Terms and Conditions, and May require a signed Contract.  


Fire Ants
German Roaches

Fire Ants can be a major problem in DFW.  Not only do the mounds make yards look horrible, but they can bite and sting that can be very painful and can at times need medical attention.  Inspection may be required.  

Price Starts at $85.50

Fleas.  One word dreaded by furry pet owners.  Fleas can be caused by dog parks, shelters, walks in the neighborhood, and from others homes.  

Our flea treatments are offered in 3 different packages.



Price Starts at $120.00 


Price Starts at $132.66


Starts at $245.00

German Roaches can require many treatments.  Depending on the infestation level, will determine how many services will be needed.


Price Starts at $350.00 


Nobody likes mosquitoes.  They bite, they are annoying, and they can kill a good time real fast outside.  

Fight back.  Don't bait them, take the fight right to them.  We do just that.  Treating all resting and nesting areas, we provide the maximum amount of protection allowed.

Price Starts at $120.00

Quick Treat

The title says it all, but we will elaborate real quick.  This treatment consist of a full yard and foundation treatment.  No contract, no need to even be home.  Access to the backyard and front yard is all that's needed.

Price Starts at $109.00

Beg Bugs

Bed Bugs.  No one wants them; sadly, we may end up with them.  Be it from children picking them up from school, you getting them from work, a business trip, vacation, or you may be a renter and have them from a  previous tenants.  It happens.  Luckily, we are here to help.


Price Starts at:  $600.00 

Bed Bug unfed-Big E's Pest & WildLife-Ga

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