WildLife Pictures

Pest Pictures

Black Widow
Black Widow we removed from a home in Celina, Texas.
Active Paper Wasp Nest
Active paper wasp nest located in The Colony, Texas.
Large Paper Wasp Nest
Large paper wasp nest preserved with epoxy resin.
Paper Wasp
Paper wasp preserved in epoxy resin
Striped Bark Scorpion
Striped Bark Scorpion from a home we treated in Little Elm, Texas.
Striped Bark Scorpion
Striped Bark Scorpion under blacklight from a home we treated in Little Elm, Texas.
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Rat Pictures

Exclusion Work Pictures

Hole near front of home
An entry point near the front of a home. Large enough for a rat to get into, along with other pests and critters.
Same Hole; Sealed
Entry point sealed!
Garage Door Exclusion Service
Garage door frame had a gap large enough for not only a rat to get through but a snake as well.
Damaged Dryer Vent Cover
This may seem cosmetic, but is this a large enough entry point for a rat to get into?
Dryer Vent Cover Repair
This will help keep critters from getting into your dryer or worse.
Entry Point
We stuff the entry points with copper mesh. This was a large point of entry for rats.
We finish by sealing the hole with Asphalt Sealant. Waterproof and able to withstand this Texas heat!
Entry Point around cleanout pipe
Entry Point
Stuffed with copper mesh
Stuffed with copper mesh
Finished Job
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