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One thing we look for during inspections are entry points that pests, rodents, and other wildlife may use to gain access to the interior of your home.  The process of stopping the entry or sealing up the entry point is called "Exclusion". 

Entry Point around cleanout pipe.jpg
Entry point big enough to fit razor knife.jpg
Sealed with copper mesh.jpg

Most Exclusion Quotes will include Trapping Services as well.  At times, we may use a One-Way-Door Trap on your home, to allow wildlife to exit but not re-enter the home.  We may deploy Snap Traps, and Live-Traps in and around your home as well.


Initially, this can be a financial shock.  We have had Exclusion Quotes range from $500.00-$5,000.00+.


Precision changes, modifications, and a professional eye, can go a long way in combating Pests, Rodents, and WildLife.  

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