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WildLife Management

WildLife Services include Rats, Mice, Squirrel, Skunks, Snakes, Opossums and raccoons.  We traps, exclude, catch and release, and rescue Wildlife.


Wildlife is inevitable, with the fast-paced development happening all over Texas, you are bound to run into some sort of wildlife issue.  We safely trap or catch, and release these critters back into the wild, normally, near the lake or out in the country area away from populated areas.  Rats are caught with Snap Traps.  

Rat Snake-BigEsPest&WildLifeManagement5262023.jpg

Rat & Mice Trapping

We trap Rats & Mice.  We do NOT use rodenticide.  

Hole 3 front, Exclusion 1 angle 1 Finish
Garage Door, Exclusion 2, Angle 2 Finish
Hole 2 front, Exclusion 1 angle 2 Finish
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