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Let's Talk About Price!

Owner of Big E's Pest & WildLife Management

     I never hide the fact that I am not the cheapest Pest Control provider.  I take pride in the fact that I strive to provide the most effect treatment.  I strive to provide the fastest control and maintain that control. 

      As a young business owner, I would like to grow this business and one day have employees.


      While working for other companies I would listen to customer complaints, even if they thought I wasn't.  Product doesn't work; Why is there never the same technician doing the treatment; Why are the treatments not working, this is like the 5th free revisit; I've been with this company for years, I still have pest problems, Why is my price always being raised, Just cancel service; Are you able to treat in the rain? 

      When I was laid off from the last company I worked for, I started to really study the chemicals, products, equipment, and application techniques being used.  I then started to think about all the customer complaints I would hear...  

I consulted with my mentor, John Allen, to ensure I was calculating everything properly.  It was confirmed; there was no way we were providing a proper treatment with the amount of chemicals issued per day.  What do we mean by this?  Every company I have ever worked for would only issue 2-25lbs bags of granules per day.  We would have between 16-21+ stops per day.  According to about 95% of the labels I've read, the label calls for 1-3lbs of granules per 1,000 square feet of yard treated.  If your lot size is 8,600 sqft, and your home is 2,000sqft, we have about a 6,600 sqft treatment area.  If you use about 2lbs per 1,000sqft, you will need about 13.2lbs of granules.  Multiple that by 16 houses; that equates to 211.2lbs of granules.   

We can be here all day going over chemical usage. 


What I have realized and learned over the last 4 years is this:  Be honest with your customers, don't be afraid to explain your pricing, accept that your pricing may be unaffordable for some and that is ok... but you can't operate a successful business if you can't afford the product and don't pay your bills.  I don't want to provide the cheapest service; I want to provide an effective service and treatment!

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We view pricing in a few ways.  We need to price our services to cover the cost of the chemical being used, the cost of labor, and the cost of making the service happen (office, office personnel, phone, tablet, gas, truck, insurance, licenses, and the list goes on).  We go over some of our common expenses here:
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