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Tenant Move-Out Service

Our Experience

In our experience, when someone rents a home, in their rental agreement if pets are present, the landlord requires a "Flea Treatment" prior to moving out.  9 times out of 10, there are no flea issues, but a "treatment" is required for you to move out.  This becomes a 1-Time Service for Fleas and General Pests.

So, What Will We Do?

We understand that you want to move out, but we also understand the Landlord wants to protect their investment.  We, as the Professional Pest Control Provider will be fair and document any and all pest activity noticed, especially Fleas, and any conducive conditions noticed during our extensive inspection.

If Flea activity is found, we alert you that Flea Treatments will be needed and provide a pricing.  If no fleas are found, we will provide a General Pest Control Treatment, as well as treat all vacuumed floors.

Landlords, do YOU need Pest or Wildlife Services to PROTECT YOUR investment? 
Having a Continued Treatment Plan in place by a Pest Control Provider can help eliminate the chances of a pest or wildlife infestation.  Your rental homes may become infested with General Pests like Ants, Spider, and wasps, but may also become infested with Specialty Pests like Fleas, Bed Bugs, or German Roaches, it may also be infested with wildlife such as Mice, Rats, or Squirrels.

Tenant Move-Out Service

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