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In the Rain?

One question I always heard when I first started in the pest control industry was, "Can you really treat in the rain?" My answer was always yes. The reasoning and description as to why I was able to flowed out of my mouth as naturally as a river of water flows down the street to the drainage systems. "Yes, we can treat as the products I am using are friendly to use in inclement weather." And the favorite follow up question, "Won't the rain just wash it away?" "Absolutely not, we apply directly to the foundation to prevent run-off."

It did not take me long to read the label of the chemicals I was using to realize, none of the chemicals we were using were allowed to be applied right before, during, and sometimes after rain. As I advanced my career in the pest control industry I learned it is against the law to apply liquid chemicals to a surface that is in contact with rain or any type of precipitation. As I learned, I started to educate my customers of this new learned information. The higher ups did not like this, but I didn't like the fact that they were willing to place me, their employee, and their company at risk for fines, potential jail time, and the possibility of revocation of my license. It was at this time, I took a stand for what I believed in and followed the law and let my job depend on having integrity. Needless to say, I painted a target on my back by supporting my actions with facts, and in turn caused a spiral or going from company to company.

Big E's Pest & WildLife Management believes in and lives by our core values, two of which are Integrity and Education. We proudly display our MSDS forms on our website and are happy to supply our customers copies upon request.

If these chemicals are misapplied, we as a company, and as individuals risk harming fish, birds, reptiles and other wildlife.

If you have a pest control company other than Big E's please advise your provider not to treat right before, during or right after any type of precipitation. If they refuse, you can always switch to a company that will follow the law!

After the rain passes is the best time to get your home treated for pests. Until then, don't worry about listening for a knock on the door from your pest control provider, instead, sit back and enjoy the sound of the rain.

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