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Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.. The Colony Texas 75056  Veteran and family owned, local business.  Quality Pest Control

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Popular Services:

General Pest Treatment Service

  • Interior and Exterior General Pest Control Treatments

Rats & WildLife

Two dead Rats.jpg
  • Rat Trapping

  • Exclusion

  • Other WildLife

Pest & Mosquito Combo Treatment Service 

  • Interior and Exterior General Pest Treatment

  • Exterior Mosquito Mist Treatment

  • Exterior In2Care Mosquito System 

Tenant Move-Out Service

New house
  • General Pest Treatment

  • Flea Inspection

  • 1-Time Flea Treatment

Big E's, Makes The Difference!

"You get what you pay for."  This is something we find to be true among most things in life.  We focus on quality over quantity.  In order to deliver a quality service, we need to find employees that are Honest, Ethical, Passionate, Responsible, Focused on Education  and Training.  We also, as a company, need to adequately compensate our employees and focus on maintaining our equipment.  In order to Provide all of this, we charge a Premium Price for A Premium Service and Treatment.  We offer World Class Customer Service and Professional Execution on ALL work that is completed.

Mosquito Control in The Colony Texas, 75056


We offer one of the BEST Plans when it comes to the treatment and control of General Pests and Mosquitoes.  This specialized treatment plan can provide True, Year-Round protection from General Pests and Mosquitoes.  To learn more about this Treatment Program and treatment options:  

Why Choose                 ?
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Priced Right-  We've been in this business for years and have worked for others.  We use the maximum mix rate allowed by Federal and State Law.  We treat the entire property.  We rotate the type of chemicals and products we use.  We keep an open mind about our options for Pest and WildLife control methods and techniques.  

Easy Online Contact– Fill out our contact  form and we will get back to you within 48 hours with a full quote or a request for additional information in order to provide an accurate quote and or options.​

Time-  How can you truly put a price tag on time.  It is hard to do at times.  We believe in a proper work-family balance of time.  With this, we pay our employees above industry average for the time that they put into making this company so wonderful.  We believe that proper compensation makes for a higher caliber, top notch employee.  In turn, providing, you the customer, with a Premium service.  The amount of time we spend servicing a property is double to triple that of the competition.  

Customer Support-  Every employee is trained, and continues to receive training in the Pest Control Industry and every employee is Licensed and has received hands-on, on-the-job-training.  

Big E's Pest & Wild Life Management

5000 Crawford Drive

The Colony, TX 75056

Text: 469-546-9894


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