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Business Operating Costs:

Before we get into business expenses; I want to say, that even though this is currently being ran as a husband-and-wife operation, we want to grow our business!  We want to employ techs and have an office staff.  We want to grow Big E's Pest & WildLife Management!  
Operational Expenses for businesses, can and do tend to fluctuate.  
Our goal is to have the same technician servicing the same customer.  This always seemed to be the #1 most common complaint among customers.  We feel that by doing this helps to build trust, it has shown us over the years that having the same customer has helped not only retain our customer base, but also helps us to get pest issues under control and allows for a better maintenance service.   
Most customers are seeking General Pest Control and Mosquito Control.  We started to focus our learning and attention on how to provide the best, most effective, easiest Pest & Mosquito Service Program.  When my mentor was my manager, he used to refer to me as the "Mosquito Killer".  He always received praise over my mosquito treatments... when I started my own company, I felt there was more that could be done.  I was right.  Hello In2Care!  Adding the In2Care to our Mist Service was a smart move.  Combine that with a monthly General Pest Treatment Service; that will provide the best treatment, allowing for fast control and provides for maximum Maintenace of control.   
We feel that 160-175 Customer per month is a sufficient customer base for a single technician.     

Some of Our Operating Costs as Solo:

  1. TDA Business Operators License:

  2. TDA Applicator License:

  3. Continued Education Courses:

  4. Business Insurance:

  5. Truck Payment:

  6. Truck Insurance:

  7. Fuel for Truck: ​

  1. $300.00/year     $25.00/month

  2. $125.00/year     $10.42/month

  3. $75.00/year       $6.25/month

  4. $950.00/year     $79.17/month

  5. $5,400.00/year  $450.00/month

  6. $1,800.00/year  $150.00/month

  7. $5,200.00/year  $433.333/month

TOTAL: $13,850.00+/year     $1,154.17+/month
COST of BUSINESS PER CUSTOMER: $86.52+/year             $7.21+/month
*This is NOT all of our operating cost; this is a minimal list*

A quick recap: this does NOT include additional operating costs.  This is bare basic expenses.  Adding these basic costs brings the cost of a 2-System Pest & Mosquito Initial Service from $158.64 in chemicals to $165.85 for chemicals and basic operating expenses.    

Some of Our Operating Costs for 1-tech:

  1. TDA Applicator License:

  2. Continued Education Courses:

  3. Business Insurance increase:

  4. Truck Payment:

  5. Truck Insurance:

  6. Fuel for Truck:

  1. ​$125.00/year     $10.42/month

  2. $75.00/year       $6.25/month

  3. $150.00/year     $12.50/month

  4. $5,400.00/year  $450.00/month

  5. $1,800.00/year  $150.00/month

  6. $5,200.00/year  $433.333/month

TOTAL: $12,750.00+/year     $1,062.50+/month
COST PER CUSTOMER: $79.69+/year             $6.64+/month

Employee Expenses:

Employee Expenses is a broad subject.  For us, we view it as paying our workforce, this is typically our tech for performing the service as well as the customer service representative for scheduling and communicating with the customer.

As everyone knows, hourly pay rates have been a HOT topic.  So, what is a fair pay rate for the Pest & Wildlife Industry?

What's a Fair Pay Rate?

I have been in this industry since 2015.  This work can become very hazardous, especially in the Texas summer.  While working for other companies, I was capped at $12.50/hour; even after 3-4 years in the industry.  Our overtime is where we made "bank".  Managers would even tell us that, work all these extra hours and your paycheck will be more.  That is very true, however, if you are always working, there is no time to spend those earnings with your family! 


I am a firm believer that if you pay employees a good or decent wage, employee retention will be better, and the quality of service will be better as well.  

Providing a proper Personal Life and Work Life will also help improve employee morale.  

So, what do we pay our employees?  When in training, our employees make between $10-15/hour.  When they are done with training, they can make between $15-60+/hour.  

Overview of Pricing

Approximate Chemical Cost:

Business Overhead:

Employee Pay:

Service Total*:

2-System Initial





2-System Maintenance





*OVERVIEW of Pricing is an EXAMPLE ONLY- NOT ALL expenses are accounted for*
**Prices from 2019**
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