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Dog Waste Removal

Dog Poop_edited.jpg
Dog Poop_edited.jpg

Removing dog waste from your yard is vital to help control pests and wildlife.  
Rats and mice will happily feast on your furry family members' poop that is left in the yard!  
Dog Poop left in the yard may also attract Flies, Fleas, Ants, Beetles, and Cockroaches!
Dog Waste typically contains high levels of nitrogen and other nutrients that Rats and Pests thrive off of!  
The Doggy Doo may also contain parasites like hookworms, ringworms, and tapeworms.
More Facts... and some More Facts!

Service Frequency

Once per Week

Weekly (2 Visits/week)

Weekly Plus (4 Visits/week)

Monthly (14-16 Visits/Month)

1-2 dogs





3-4 dogs





*Pricing Does NOT include Taxes or other fees*
**Pricing May Vary** 

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