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Big E's Pest & WildLife Management-The C

Big E's Pest & WildLife Management is a local, mom and pop, pest and wildlife company. We are a for profit company.  We offer a variety of WildLife services, and one we have been offering and would like to be able to continue to offer that we find to be a very vital and environmentally friendly service is: Rescue. On August 1, 2019, we rescued a baby skunk and transported it to a rehab center in Dallas, Texas that will nurse the skunk to health and until it can care for itself. We did this for free and did not charge a dime for the rescue service as the baby skunk would have died if not transported to a care facility or have someone to care for the baby skunk. We are not just a kill, kill, kill company; we care about the environment and encourage the rescuing of all wildlife and we also encourage the proper, professional control of pests.


We are asking for donations to go towards the rescuing of our wildlife here in the DFW and surrounding cities. We have rescued many fur bearing animals as well as reptiles at no charge to the caller.  We are very proud of this, and even if we don't make $0.01 through this donation page, we will continue to do the right thing and offer rescues at no charge for as long as we can.

******We would like to make note that every free rescue was just that, a rescue. The customer had the trapping equipment and had the animal secured;  Big E's also offers trapping!

These donated funds will be used for the following for our rescues:


Transportation Fees- Gas, wear and tear expenses, etc.

Better/Proper Enclosures for Wildlife Transportation- Cages, Reptile enclosure, water dishes, food dishes, etc.

Potential Medical Fees- Some injured wildlife may require medical attention and Big E wants to ensure this can be covered or at least a donation can be made to the Rehab Center.

If you would like to make a donation, Please fill out our "Contact Us To Make a Donation Today" form found below and we will email you options for making a donation!

Big E's would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and our family for their continued love and support through this wonderful journey!

Snake Saving in DFW Texas by Big E's Pest & WildLife Management.

This is Little Bo and his brother Bucky.  Little Bo was following Bucky into a live trap however the live trap door slammed shut on Little Bo's neck.  He was alive when we got on site and rushed him to a skunk rehab.  

Contact Us To Make a Donation Today:

Thanks for submitting your request to make a donation!

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