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Estimated Pricing
Services & Treatments

The following prices are estimated and are subject to change.  Your pricing may vary.  
Not ALL Treatments and Services are listed.

Services and Treatments are priced based on square footage of the home, rooms, and lot size of the Property needing Treatments/Services, the Chemicals and Products needed, and other factors.

Dollar Notes

General Pest Control Service

This Service should be performed as an initial "Knock-Down" Treatment followed by "Maintenance" Treatments. This Service treats for Ants, Spiders, Crickets, Pill Bugs, Earwigs, Millipedes, and other General Pests.  Removal of Cobwebs, Wasp Nests, and Dirt Dauber Nests from the eaves.  Interior Treatments when needed.

Ranging from: $169.08-$230.22+

Mosquito Service

This Service should be performed every month, especially during the months Mosquitoes are active.  Mosquitoes are active when temperatures are over 65°F.  
We utilize the In2Care System in addition to the Traditional Misting technique.

Ranging from: $181.24-$258.61+

General Pest
Mosquito Treatment Plan

This Service was designed to provide the ultimate Pest and Mosquito Treatment Service Package. 
This plan combines a Monthly- General Pest Treatment with our Traditional Mosquito Mist Treatment and the utilization of the In2Care System.
The combination of a monthly Pest and Mosquito treatment in Texas has proven to be very beneficial over the years for many Texans that have chosen to have us perform this Service Plan to their properties.


Ranging from: $215.77-$362.56+

Move-Out Service

This Service was designed to provide Tenants that are required by their lease to have a "Flea Treatment" or "Pest Treatment" before "Move-Out".  We inspect for Flea and General Pest activity and provide an appropriate Treatment Service.
If Flea activity is found, additional Services will be needed, at an additional charge.


Ranging from: $180.96-$245.13+


This Service may seem like an interrogation, and at times, a little intrusive, but Inspections are very important.
Inspections include asking questions to determine what issues and where the issues are being seen; then a physical examination of the area will happen.  This will help ensure a Proper and Effective Pest and Wildlife Treatment Service.


Ranging from: $216.50-$541.25+

German Roaches

This Service is designed to treat German Roach infestations.
German Roach may need multiple Treatment Services.  Inspections are vital for German Roach control.

Ranging from: $541.25-$2,706.25+

Bed Bugs

This Service is designed to treat Bed Bug infestations.
Bed Bugs may need multiple Treatment Services.  Inspections are vital for Bed Bug control.

Ranging from: $649.50-$3,247.50+


This Service is designed to treat and or prevent Flea 
Fleas may need multiple Treatment Services.  Inspections are vital for Flea control.
Flea infestations may occur Inside and or on the exterior of the property.

Ranging from: $649.50-$3,247.50+


This Service is designed to a variety of Trapping options for a variety of Texas Wildlife.
We also offer Snake Removal Services, both Venomous and Non-Venomous species. 

Ranging from: $140.84+


This Service is designed to seal entry points that may be used by wildlife to enter a home or structure.  We utilize a variety of techniques for our Exclusion Services, and an Inspection is REQUIRED.

Ranging from: $541.25-$16,237.50+

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