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First Response Protection Plan

General Pest, Mosquito, and Rat Plan

Every Pest Control Company offers a General Quarterly Pest Treatment service.  What is included?  Exterior treatment of the foundation, yard granulation, eaves swept (sometimes), interior (maybe), rats, mosquitoes?  Do they hook you with the promise of "free re-services" or "free callbacks"?    
First Response Pest-Mosquito-Rat- Plan.jpg
The First Response Protection Plan is the Ultimate Treatment Service.   What's Included?
  • Inspection
  • Full Yard Granulation
  • Complete Foundation Treatment​
  • Removal of Cobwebs, Paper Wasp Nests, and Dirt Dauber Nests 
  • Interior Baseboard Treatment
    (Upon Request, Accessible Baseboards)
  • Mosquito Mist Treatment
  • Installation and Maintenance of In2Care System(s)
  • Rat/Mice Protection (Trapping, Deterrence Applications/Treatments; If Exclusion is needed, Exclusion must take place first.)

Our General Pest Treatment includes an inspection, full yard granulation, a complete foundation treatment and an interior baseboard treatment (where accessible).  If wasp nest, dirt dauber nests, or cobwebs are seen during inspection, they will be treated and or removed.  This is a pretty standard service in the industry. 

Don't worry about free re-services, we have you covered!  We will come out, assess the situation, and treat accordingly.  

STIHL SR200 Mist Blower.jpg

In addition to General Pest Treatments, this Protection Plan also includes an exterior Mosquito Mist Treatment of shrubbery, mulch, tree trunk bases, and other nesting and breeding areas.  We also install and maintain In2Care Mosquito System(s).

Two dead Rats.jpg

Before this Service can be started, we must perform an inspection.
The Rat and Mice Service that is included in The First Response Protection Plan, is different from the "Big Guys" so called "service" that is included in their "General Pest Service". 
Before we agree to Service Terms and a Service Agreement, we inspect your home for entry points that rats and mice may use to gain access to the inside of your home.  If no entry points are found, we will deploy traps around the outside of the property to kill any rats/mice that may be running around outside, if you decide to move forward with Service.  We maintain these traps throughout this Service Agreement, as well as perform routine inspections to ensure entry points are caught before they become a problem. 

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